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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

When white trash attacks

Ceres officer charged with assault
CERES — Prosecutors have charged a police officer with misdemeanor assault stemming from an incident in April, Police Chief Art de Werk announced Tuesday.
Christopher Melton, a nine-year veteran of the force, is accused of using excessive force on a suspect during an April 13 incident on the 1600 block of Evans Road. Another officer reported the alleged misconduct.
Melton is on paid administrative leave while the criminal and internal affairs investigations proceed.
Prosecutors filed a criminal complaint against Melton on July 23 that claims he assaulted a detained person while on duty.
 Melton was once terminated for failing his 12-month probation period.
A year after his reinstatement, he was among about a half dozen officers named in a lawsuit filed by a group of partygoers that said police used excessive force while breaking up the party.

Cop gets probation for cuffing man who threatened to file complaint
Police Officer Admir Kacamakovic, 31, tells a Brooklyn Federal Court judge, "My intent was not to commit a crime, it was to prevent a crime." He was sentenced Thursday to probation for violating a man's civil rights by handcuffing him after he threatened to file a civilian complaint.
Kacamakovic was a cop in the 62nd Precinct when he responded to an altercation outside his cousin's bar in Bensonhurst on July 5, 2008.
The cop resigned from the force last October after pleading guilty. The feds dropped another charge that he had illegally used the NYPD database to search for information on the victim.
Kacamakovic is also  charged with using an NYPD computer to access a federal database to search for the name on the driver's license.

Accounts differ in cop’s murder trial
PHOENIX Jurors at the trial of a Phoenix police officer charged with murder and animal cruelty in the on-duty killing of a man and his pit bull were given conflicting accounts Wednesday on how a domestic dispute call at a trailer escalated into violence.
Prosecutors making opening statements at Richard Chrisman’s trial said the officer abused his police powers by fatally shooting 29-year-old Daniel Rodriguez in October 2010 even though the unarmed man posed no threat to officers. Authorities say he also deployed his stun gun on the victim, killed his dog and placed the barrel of his weapon on Rodriguez’s temple at various points during the encounter.
 “He decided to step over the line that day,” prosecutor Juan Martinez said.
Chrisman, who has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, aggravated assault and animal cruelty charges, maintains the shooting was justified because Rodriguez had reached for the officer’s gun during a tussle that preceded the shooting. Chrisman, a nine-year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department, was fired about five months after the death.

Supporters call for action after disabled man claims police brutality
SYRACUSE -- About 45 people showed up in front of the Syracuse Police Headquarters to rally in support of Brad Hulett, a severely disabled man who claims he became the victim of police brutality on May 3rd for refusing to sit down on a Centro bus.
Surveillance video of what happened to Hulett on May 3rd has outraged many people in Central New york. He refused a bus driver's order to sit down even though the bus accomodates standing passengers. Syracuse Police Sergeant William Galvin and Officer William Coleman were called in. Hulett continued to refuse to sit down or leave the bus. He was tasered twice and dragged off the bus apparently breaking his hip during the incident.
"The police tased him not once, but twice. Then they dragged him off the bus and broke his hip. Are these people insane? For standing on the bus? This is criminal." said Sally Johnston of Disabled in Action.
Hulett's supporters are calling for the immediate suspensions of the police officers and a thorough investigation of their actions. They also want an investigation into Hulett's treatment at the Justice Center Jail where they say Hulett was forced to suffer with a broken hip overnight before receiving medical treatment.

Philly cop suspended with intent to dismiss still could retain job
Another Philadelphia police officer is on the way to being dismissed because of credibility issues. Andre Boyer, a 17-year police veteran, has been suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss following charges of intention to deceive, failing to follow department procedures for handling evidence and conduct unbecoming an officer. The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Boyer had been the subject of 21 civilian complaints — more than any other officer on the force.

Who much did the cops cost us this week?

Staten Island man sues city after false arrest

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. - A false arrest and a conviction in a Brooklyn shooting cost him more than two years of his life and left him emotionally and physically scarred, a Staten Island resident alleges.
Lawrence Williams was raped and beaten in prison, prevented from attending his mother's funeral and separated from his wife and children, according to a lawsuit recently filed in Brooklyn federal court.
Williams, who was convicted in March 2010 of a shooting two years earlier in Coney Island, maintains he was victimized by mistaken identification and overzealous cops who "knowingly forwarded false, unreliable and otherwise misleading evidence" to prosecutors and failed to vigorously pursue evidence that could have cleared him.
Williams' conviction was reversed on Oct. 26 of last year, based on the recommendation of the Brooklyn district attorney's office.

The lawsuit, filed in Brooklyn federal court, seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages and names the city and several cops as defendants. Williams alleges civil rights violations and malicious prosecution.

Why we need national standard IQ tests for cops

Officer charged in deadly crash appears in court
 Memphis police officer Alex Beard appeared in court Wednesday morning. He is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and two counts of aggravated assault. Mackala Ross, 13, and Deloise Epps, 54, were killed August 2012 when the car they were riding in collided with Beard's police cruiser..
"The issue is going to be whether or not he (Beard) violated the law in the way he responded," said Beard's defense attorney, Leslie Ballin. "The allegations are that just before the accident, he turned off the lights and sirens ... That just before impact, he was traveling at a high rate of speed."
Was it a tragic accident? Or should the former officer be punished for the fatal wreck?

At this point, the defense is requesting medical records.Michael Ross, who still has visible scars, says that is all fine by him. "Hospital records. Yeah, they should get them because I've got a list of my injuries that were caused by Alex Beard driving 94 miles an hour with no lights or sirens on," explained Ross.

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: Milwaukee officer charged with sexual assault of a...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: Milwaukee officer charged with sexual assault of a...: A Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department officer sentenced to 40 years in prison for child porn photos is now charged with 12 counts of se...

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: Judge orders Las Vegas officer to turn himself in ...

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: Judge orders Las Vegas officer to turn himself in ...: Solomon Coleman a Las Vegas police officer charged with sexually intimidating and harassing women he met on duty was ordered to repor...

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: Judge orders Las Vegas officer to turn himself in ...

Todays sexual assault charges against your police: Judge orders Las Vegas officer to turn himself in ...: Solomon Coleman a Las Vegas police officer charged with sexually intimidating and harassing women he met on duty was ordered to repor...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: Suspended Springfield police officer Rafael Nazari...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: Suspended Springfield police officer Rafael Nazari...: SPRINGFIELD - Police officer Rafael Nazario- who has been on unpaid suspension since being charged with rape in late 2011 - will resig...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: City rejects plea to reinstate cop accused of chil...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: City rejects plea to reinstate cop accused of chil...: LAWRENCE Mass.— The city yesterday rejected a plea to reinstate a cop Mayor William Lantigua fired last month after the officer was accus...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: NJ cop sentenced on child endangerment charge/regi...

This Week's Charge of Child Molestation by your Local Police: NJ cop sentenced on child endangerment charge/regi...: Jeffrey Kimmel a northern New Jersey police officer convicted of child endangerment has been sentenced to seven years in state prison. K...

Common theives

Wisconsin Police Officer Charged with Two Felonies

 Officer Bradley Young has been charged with one count of Fleeing an Officer while in a Vehicle, and one count of Vehicle Theft, both of which are felonies. Young was arrested this week after several law enforcement agencies pursued him through multiple counties for several alleged burglaries.

RPD officer arrested, charged with theft
Benjamin Aumada a 3-1/2 year veteran of the Rockport Police Department (RPD) was terminated and arrested recently and charged with theft in connection with the pawning of equipment he had been issued while working for the RPD. Aumada was charged with theft, more than $1,500, but less than $20,000.

Pawtucket police officer charged with stealing gasoline
Officer Ken Provost, who patrolled the streets of Pawtucket for 30 years, surrendered at state police headquarters Wednesday and was charged with stealing about $700 worth of gasoline from city pumps. They really taught him a lesson by sending him home during the summer in "The ocean state" with full pay. 

Cop Convicted of Robbing Hispanic Motorists
Marvin Blades a Tulsa police officer was convicted and sentenced to prison Thursday for robbing Hispanic motorists during traffic stops.  Blades  faced five counts of robbery with a firearm on allegations that he repeatedly pulled over Hispanic drivers, then either took or ordered them to abandon their wallets, and then stole money from the wallets before returning them. District Judge Tom Gillert found Blades guilty on all five counts and sentenced him to a split sentence of 35 years in prison, followed by 35 years of probation.

Cops and the women they abuse: Upstate NY police officer charged with assaulting ...

Cops and the women they abuse: Upstate NY police officer charged with assaulting ...: The Albany Police Department says 29-year-old Woody Riboul, a member of the department for a year, has been suspended without pay after ...

Cops and the women they abuse: NY family files legal claim over police shooting

Cops and the women they abuse: NY family files legal claim over police shooting: NY family files legal claim over police shooting The family of a 21-year-oldHofstra University student accidentally killed by a police of...

The national epidemic of drunk and drugged up cops

Off-duty cop arrested for drunkenly driving wrong way on freeway
NYPD cop Ronald Holmes of Belmont was busted for smashing into five cars for his Saturday morning joyride, which sent one person to the hospital. The Brooklyn NYPD officer was suspended without pay, according to an official. Authorities said he was driving drunk.

Police report: Officer accused in a drunken house break/ Cops has since been fired.
A witness at a home in Warwick claims a Johnston police officer has a serious drug problem and that's why she came barging into his house.  Officer Marisa Ciccone was charged with assault and breaking and entering. According to the police report, a homeowner on Byron Boulevard told officers that Ciccone came into his house uninvited Monday and punched his niece in the face.
The witness said when Ciccone came in, she started yelling and swearing, "Where is my (expletive) money?" and "Where is my drugs?" while she was apparently looking for someone who had lived in the house.
The homeowner said he had kicked out the person Ciccone was apparently looking for.
The homeowner said Ciccone was highly intoxicated and kept repeating that she was going to get her gun and blow everybody away.
Ciccone then allegedly started throwing things off a dresser and punched the homeowner's niece in the face when the niece tried to protect her mother from Ciccone.
The homeowner told NBC 10 that Ciccone was looking for her drug partner.
According to the police report, he told officers that Ciccone has a serious cocaine problem, that his former roommate and Ciccone made drug deals, and that the former roommate was holding Ciccone's share of the profit and that's why she was looking for him.

Hughestown officer suspended indefinitely after federal drug arrest
Hughestown Police Officer Robert F. Evans Jr. has been suspended indefinitely without pay following his arrest last week on a federal drug charge, the borough council said Thursday. Federal agents charged Evans, of Moosic, after he allegedly sold the powerful painkillers oxycodone, Percocet and Vicodin out of his cruiser while in full uniform.

IMPD officer suspended after DUI arrest
MORGAN CO., Ind. (WISH) - An IMPD officer was suspended without pay Tuesday after he was arrested in Mooresville for driving while intoxicated. Officer Kevin Brown, 41, was arrested around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning. Brown was a patient of the St. Francis Hospital emergency room for an injury to the right hand he received during a bar fight.While at the hospital, Brown admitted he was drinking alcoholic beverages Monday night and said he had seven beers.

Officer charged with DWI on desk duties
Sergio Reyes a 16-year veteran Laredo police officer has been assigned to desk duties following his suspected drunk driving arrest early Sunday in the Del Mar Hills Area C neighborhood, according to authorities. He’s been charged with driving while intoxicated.

Soddy Daisy Officer Suspended After Early Morning Drunken Road Rage Run In
Soddy Daisy Police Officer Ryan Patterson has been suspended in connection with an early morning road rage incident that led to gunfire and a female fight. He is on administrative leave without pay pending an internal investigation, Chief Phillip Hambrick said. The sheriff's office said the incident shortly after 3 a.m. Saturday involved Officer Patterson, who had been to a birthday celebration at Charlie's Lounge with two women, Carrie M. Rogers and Bridget Frederick. Deputy William Ben Johnson said he determined that Officer Patterson had been drinking but was not too intoxicated to drive after he was given field sobriety tests. Ms. Frederick was too drunk to give a statement.

3 Minneapolis officers investigated for bar fight
ST. PAUL, Minn. — Days after responding to allegations that two off-duty white Minneapolis police officers used profanity and racial slurs. The department is investigating a bar fight involving three other off-duty white Minneapolis officers in Apple Valley last November. Two of the officers, Christopher John Bennett and William C. Woodis, pleaded guilty in June to charges of disorderly conduct in Dakota County.Apple Valley police initially cited Bennett, Woodis and another Minneapolis officer, Andrew R. Allen, for assault, damage to property and disorderly conduct following the fight at Bogart's Place on Nov. 19, 2012. After the plea agreement by Bennett and Woodis, the other charges were dismissed.
Tyrone Franson, Rodney Spann, Michael Spann and Lovell Gamer, who are black, told Apple Valley police that a group of white men glared at them when they entered the bar that evening. Franson said when he and a friend went out to the patio to smoke, at least four men followed them and told them they shouldn't be at the bar, according to the incident report.
"My little brother was left inside with the gentlemen," Franson said. "And they started hard mugging him. I told him to come outside with us. I came outside [and] as he came outside the four gentlemen followed him outside. The next thing I know all hell broke loose."
Franson said the Minneapolis officers told him and the other black men "You ain't supposed to be here. Your kind ain't welcome. Get out of here, you don't belong here."
The four men told police that when they tried to leave, Woodis grabbed Michael Spann and started hitting him. They told police that a group of about eight white men started punching and kicking Michael Spann. Franson said his group didn't fight back and that Woodis also punched Rodney Spann when he tried to break up the fight.

Haverhill cops blame West Newbury officers for ex-trooper avoiding arrest
HAVERHILL — Legal arguments by two Haverhill police officers — Lt. William Leeman and patrolman Christopher Pagliuca —fighting suspensions for giving special treatment to an ex-state trooper show the officers blame West Newbury police for not charging him with drunken driving.
The Haverhill officers were suspended without pay for ten and five days, respectively, for violating police rules and ethical standards, as well as unsatisfactory performance. Harry Miller, another Haverhill officer at the scene of the crash involving the retired trooper, previously agreed not to fight his 10-day suspension. He accepted a demotion from sergeant to patrolman to save his job.
According to the legal briefs, here’s what the Haverhill officers said happened:
Pagliuca, the first Haverhill officer on the scene of the Mach 2012 crash, said West Newbury and Merrimac police officers were already investigating the accident near the Rocks Village Bridge involving former state trooper Charles Noyes when Pagliuca arrived at the scene. Noyes, who lives in Haverhill, was a lieutenant colonel with the State Police when he retired in 2006.
Police reports show West Newbury Sergeant Daniel Cena was first on the scene, that he spoke to Noyes through the driver’s side window of his vehicle, and that he told other officers that Noyes was intoxicated. Reports said Cena asked Noyes to take a field sobriety test, but that Noyes refused.
Miller and Pagliuca testified at a local Civil Service hearing that they believed Cena was in charge of the scene. Pagliuca testified that Cena told him that he smelled “booze” on Noyes.
Miller testified that he said to Pagliuca, “What do you think?” Pagliuca responded that Noyes “cannot stand up, his eyes are glassy, and I think he is intoxicated.”
Miller then went back to Cena and asked him, “So are you charging him with leaving the scene and OUI?” Cena responded, “No, I am charging him with leaving the scene, but not OUI.” Miller then said, “Why aren’t you charging him with OUI if you are charging him with leaving the scene?” Cena responded, “My chief and the district attorney will get mad at me.”
Miller then called Leeman at the Haverhill Police Station and told him what was happening at the scene. Leeman was the senior Haverhill officer on duty at the time.
While they were deciding what course of action to take, Miller said Noyes started speaking to him about how they all work the same job and that if this was the good old days, the officers would just let him go.
At that point, Miller said he told Noyes, “If I get the green light to charge you, you are getting charged.”
A few moments elapsed and then Miller called Leeman back. Leeman told Miller that he researched case law, but could not find any case that would justify Haverhill officers charging Noyes with drunken driving based on the facts presented to him by Miller.
Miller then discussed with Cena which department was going to charge Noyes. It was at the point that Miller realized that Noyes was not going to be arrested nor charged with drunken driving.
Eventually, Noyes agreed to get into an ambulance and go to the hospital to be checked out.
The legal brief goes on to describe a tense discussion between Cena and Noyes as Noyes boarded the ambulance.
“It was at this point that Cena began yelling at Noyes,” the brief said.
It went on to explain what happened next.
Cena accused Noyes of giving officers the run-around, claiming they could not prove Noyes was the operator of automobile.
“Are you really going to play this (expletive) game,” Cena asked Noyes. “You are lucky you made it to Haverhill because if you didn’t you’d be going to jail right now.”
The brief also said Cena told Noyes that he was almost killed by a drunken driver in a previous incident and that Noyes’ “failure to take ownership of what happened was ridiculous.”
In its decision to uphold the suspensions of the Haverhill officers, Civil Service chairman Christopher Bowman accused Noyes of lying to police at the scene of the accident as well as to the commission at a disciplinary hearing for the two Haverhill officers earlier this year. Bowman said Noyes’ testimony to the commission was “wildly unbelievable and tarnishes the image of the Massachusetts State Police.”
The rest of the 41 page legal brief goes on to document how police handled the subsequent investigation and testimony at the Civil Service hearing.
In a statement on the Civil Service Commission’s recent decision to uphold the city’s decision to suspend Leeman and Pagliuca, the police patrolman’s union claimed the commission failed to consider key factual and legal issues in the case.
“The true issue before the commission was not whether Charles Noyes was actually intoxicated, which is what one may assume after reading the decision, it was whether Officer Pagliuca and Lieutenant Leeman had violated their duties as police officers. They did not,” the statement reads, in part.
“Perhaps the most important overlooked fact was West Newbury Sergeant Daniel Cena’s role in how this matter was handled,’’ the statement continues. “Sergeant Cena did have the authority to lawfully summons Noyes for operating under the influence but failed to do so. In fact, Worcester County Assistant District Attorney John Hartmayer told the city during their investigation of this matter that “if Mr. Noyes was to be charged with OUI, the charge should have been brought by West Newbury.
“Unfortunately, that fact appears nowhere in the city’s nor the commission’s decisions and, instead, unjustified blame is placed on Officer Pagliuca and Lieutenant Leeman as a means of addressing the public’s legitimate concerns with how this matter was handled as a whole,” the statement says.
According to police reports, Noyes crashed his Cadillac Escalade in West Newbury on March 30, 2012, then kept driving with his air bags deployed until police found him in the travel lane just over the Haverhill line. The crash snapped a utility pole on Route 113 in West Newbury, cutting power to the surrounding area for almost 11 hours.
An internal Haverhill police investigation concluded that Noyes was given special treatment by West Newbury and Haverhill police officers due to his previous state police position, and that officers acted to cover up their actions in investigating the incident.