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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Franklin Officer Involved In Alcohol-Related Incident

by Chris Cannon
FRANKLIN, Tenn. - A Franklin police officer was suspended after an internal investigation into an alcohol-related incident last fall.
Officer Brent Rose is a 13-year-veteran of the Franklin Police Department and a former DUI course instructor. He has been serving a five-day suspension without pay.
On November 3, 2013 Sgt. J.P. Taylor noticed a parked car in the parking lot exit of Tin Roof 2 on Carothers Parkway in Franklin.
When Taylor went over to the car he found it was running and the driver was passed out and slumped over the wheel. He then noticed the driver was fellow officer Brent Rose.
Taylor called for back-up and Officer Megan Valentin arrived on the scene. She moved Rose's personal car to a parking space.
Valentin said she noticed a 32-ounce cup full of what she believed to be whiskey and Coke inside the car.
She got Rose's cell phone from his car and the two officers allowed him to call a friend to pick him up at the scene.
When Rose went to leave with his friend, Valentin said he tried to stand up and fell face-first into shrubbery.
Franklin Police Chief David Rahinsky was notified about the incident the next day.
"I was disappointed in the initial decision, and disappointed in Officer Rose," Rahinsky said. "His behavior was not indicative of level of professionalism we hold the men and women of this department."
An internal investigation was started into the incident, and after that process was completed, the chief took disciplinary action against Rose.
The officer was suspended for five days without pay. Rose will be required to take six random alcohol tests over the next 12 months. He was also made to sign a "Last Chance Agreement".
"Basically puts him on notice, the slightest mis-cue, miss step, or error in judgement will result in his termination." Rahinsky explained.
Rose will no longer be able to teach DUI courses at the state police academy.
"He's lost that privilege. He's in a position now where he needs to regain the trust of his co-workers, and the trust of the community," Rahinsky said.
There is also an internal investigation into the decision Sgt. Taylor and Officer Valentin not to arrest Rose during the incident.
Chief Rahinsky said he has contacted the District Attorney General to see if her office should pursue criminal charges in connection with this case.

Spring Hill Police Officer Charged With Domestic Assault

SPRING HILL, Tenn. – An officer with the Spring Hill Police Department has been arrested and charged with domestic assault.
Officials with the Spring Hill Police Department said Officer Eric Pinkerton was arrested Wednesday by the Columbia Police Department. Details surrounding the alleged assault were not immediately available.
Police said he was not on duty at the time of the reported incident.
According to officials, Pinkerton has been placed on Administrative Leave with pay while an investigation is conducted.
Pinkerton has been employed with the Spring Hill Police Department since 2008.