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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Internal memo from me

Okay, look, who ever took the two yellow pages books from my car needs to return them...I need those books so I can see over the.....uh.....I mean, so I can look up...ah.....yellow things. And you have to do what I say because I got the big hat and that makes me like, in charge.


No wait, signed

The Chief

idiots at work. Brought to you by the Fairfax County Police

Brought to you by the Fairfax County Police….preying on the people to turn an easy buck

This week’s child molestation charge. Run children, run! The police man IS NOT your friend
Denver CO deputy, already on probation for an unrelated stalking case, was sentenced to probation for the attempted sexual assault of a teenage relative. The judge insists that the light sentence had nothing to do with him being a cop. [0] bit.ly/tmZ7g9

2 Philadelphia PA school district cops are the subject of a lawsuit alleging they stuck their hands down female students’ shirts to search for weapons in an auditorium without any female officers present. [3] bit.ly/sLyJeE

Stupid 101
Philadelphia PA cop apparently critically injured a homeowner after mistaking him for burglar in his own home and shooting him. [1] bit.ly/skIcZZ

…but you don’t understand, we’re special
Florida State trooper hated by cops for pulling over Miami cop doing 120 mph finds her cruiser covered in human feces[3] bit.ly/sw2E7T

Using excessive force and then hiding behind the law to get away with it
Berkeley CA police accused of excessive force in a video, above, showing riot cops hitting students w/batons at a #OWS protest. [1] bit.ly/vep4hM

Fort Gaines GA police chief suspended on allegations he pistol whipped a man who was calmly talking to an officer inside the police station. [1] bit.ly/rPQEP7

2 Columbia MO cops are the subject of a lawsuit filed by 2 men claiming they were yanked from a car at gunpoint for suspiciously listening to rap at a ballpark parking lot. [3] bit.ly/t1slqu

Owasso OK police lieutenant was fired over an excessive force incident that was reported by a fellow cop and which resulted in a $1,500 settlement. [0] bit.ly/vnSEig

Prince Albert SK police officer pleads guilty to assaulting a detainee in his custody [0] bit.ly/ugSXpU

Mansfield OH police forced by arbitrator to rehire cop fired for abusing detainee & lying about it. The arbitrator claims he believes the cop accidentally punched a man in the face during a drug raid and didn’t lie about it afterward. [0] ohne.ws/uRxNgU

False arrest
Morgan Hill CA settles suit for $75k to residents claiming cops illegally entered their home without a warrant & falsely arrested them. [0] bit.ly/uvuo7m

Witness intimidation
Lynn MA cop sentenced to 90 days in jail for witness intimidation involving a road rage incident [0] http://b.globe.com/vXQdVx

Fabricating evidence
Lamesa TX cop arrested for allegedly fabricating evidence trying to blame vandalism of his motorcycle on gang [0] bit.ly/uQJX3Y

Cops and women…a strange, strange relationship
Arizona DPS trooper indicted on sexual abuse charge for allegedly groping woman from behind at bar [1] bit.ly/tlCs1E

RCMP accused of systemic sexual harassment from the highest ranks by former RCMP spokeswoman [3] bit.ly/v5eooY

Luzerne Co PA deputy arrested ‘on alleged role in methamphetamine dealing ring after 4mo investigation [0] bit.ly/rMMe5O

Fulton Co GA deputy pleads guilty to accepting bribes in return for smuggling drugs into jail [0] bit.ly/ujQX0o

Riviera Beach FL police sgt gets plea deal for discharging firearm while drunk, gets probation & community service [0] bit.ly/tAog0j

2 Shreveport LA cops suspended pending investigation into unspecified policy violations, officials won’t discuss [3] bit.ly/rMTUc7

Liberty OH cop charged with drunk driving after crashing into other car while off duty with .14 BAC [0] bit.ly/tYoyVF

Florissant MO police won’t say if alcohol was involved in the investigation into a police captain who was found passed out in his cruiser. [3] http://on.ksdk.com/vnAkxV

Just another common thief
Morehouse Parish LA deputy in false arrest suit resigns after probe into allegations he stole money from evidence [0] tnsne.ws/tqmjIS

Allen Co IN sheriff’s sergeant was arrested on felony theft charges for allegedly stealing someone’s tools while on duty [0] bit.ly/v8Wgni

League City TX police chief dismissed after closed-door council meeting following allegations of ticket quotas [2] bit.ly/uzBNjy

Just another lying cop
New York NY cop who claimed he was assaulted & had gunfight in two incidents investigated for possible false claims [0] bit.ly/vb5TSK

Delavan WI cop resigns after charged w/obstruction for misleading investigation into battery complaint [1] bit.ly/tl848K

Slapp’n the old wife around
Velda City MO cop arrested for kidnapping & domestic assault, was fired from other dept for infamous video incident [0] cbsloc.al/udlQQX

Cops hate evidence, ironic ain’t it?
Univ of Mass at Lowell MA cop gets unspecified disciplinary action after threatening student for recording police [1] bit.ly/tYSJTK

Creepy cop behavior
Austin TX cop gets deferred adjudication on official oppression charge for peeping into woman’s window while on duty [0] bit.ly/s5lg3u

Cops and animals…a strange strange relationship
Cedar Rapids IA cop found guilty of trespass for releasing man’s dog’s from homemade kennel in his backyard [0] bit.ly/tsk1iO