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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Surprise! Fairfax County Police

2 Seattle WA cops are accused of excessive force during a traffic stop where they dragged a black man out of his car and beat him, causing injuries to his face and ribs.

This weeks candidates for the Brian Son­nenberg Peaceful Resolution To Conflict Center Award.Fairfax County Police

Brian Sonnenberg

Victoria BC cop found guilty of assault by choking a prisoner until he passed out in a holding cell [0] bit.ly/tJ4PRq

Oxford NC cop suspended after arrested along with his father on assault inflicting serious bodily injuries charges [2] bit.ly/rww1Co

Chattanooga TN cop suspended after arrested on an assault warrant over alleged road rage incident involving the use of his taser. [1] bit.ly/sHTdmh

Chubbuck ID cop is under investigations on allegations he pulled his gun during an unspecified altercation. [3] bit.ly/ulWAnJ

Pennsylvania State trooper sentenced to 1 week jail for assaulting his neighbor after 5yr fued, trooper was fired [0] bit.ly/ttJVkD

Well, that didn't go over well, now did it? Fairfax County Police

17 Detroit MI cops suspended after allegedly participating in a “sick-out” that the city says was an illegal strike [0] bit.ly/u452bA

Road Rage. Fairfax County Police

Portland OR police captain is on leave after he was charged with misdemeanor display of weapon over an alleged Idaho road rage incident that occurred in August. [0] bit.ly/rU7iNM

Yard sale! Fairfax County Police

Wilson County TN deputy was arrested on multiple counts including agg robbery and attempted first degree murder on allegations that he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and gave the items he stole to his wife as gifts then he attempted to murder his wife by poisoning her. [0] bit.ly/tMqlea

Cops+Low IQ+ Drug= yeah this is gonna be a problem. Fairfax County Police

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) officer allegedly gave false information in order to obtain a drug raid warrant that netted 17 arrests. The charges had to be dismissed because of the falsehoods. [1] bit.ly/t4agFK

West Chester OH undercover officer charged with obstruction & evidence tampering over a drug investigation that he tried to help a friend get out of. [1] bit.ly/uzlcy4


Easton PA vice squad detective was demoted to patrol after an investigation into unspecified misconduct [3] bit.ly/vytfLQ

Run children! Run! Its the police! Fairfax County Police

Shasta Co CA 2 kids hospitalized for drug and hepatitis/HIV tests after they found and looked through a bag of evidence they found near a high school that was apparently discarded from that county’s sheriff department. [1] http://bit.ly/sLfOqq

New Milford CT cop facing felonies for extorting money from teen, plea to reduced misd charge [0] bit.ly/vH6fcb

New Mexico state police are being sued for allegedly detaining a couple and their kids at gunpoint then searching their car with the kids inside without a warrant after mistaking their silver SUV for a white truck that was wanted in an alleged threat with a weapon call. [0] t.co/eOuBeASv

creepy cop behavior

Mount Rainier MD cop pleaded guilty to a sex offense and the attempted murder of a man he lured to his home with the promise of a role in a porn movie but then attempted to sexually assault him. When the man attempted to flee the officer shot him. [0] t.co/QYYPNR3G

 Atlanta GA female officer working undercover in a prostitution sting operation is accusing her fellow officers of delaying their response when she signaled them after she got naked with a target of that operation and that officers showed the video recording of that incident to other officers not involved with the sting. [3] bit.ly/vD9A8k

Yemassee SC cop arrested for criminal sexual conduct & official misconduct for demanding and receiving oral sex in exchange for dropping a ticket. [0] bit.ly/sroxej

 Moberly MO cop was charged with sexual assault and sodomy for alleged, but unspecified, incidents that likely occurred when he was cop. [3] bit.ly/uZRXMf

hiring practices

Atlanta GA police hiring practices questioned after investigative report finds cops who shouldn’t have been hired including some who failed psychological exams but were hired anyway because of family members in the force. [3] bit.ly/tlAEG3

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