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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Idiots at work, part of the national police problem

Murder/ homicide
Fort Myers FL cop investigated after witness claims he fatally shot suspect in back after he dropped gun & was laying face-down from being shot in the chest. [0] http://t.co/pmQp7w3Z

Clovis NM settles suit for $1.05mil to family of woman who died in crash w/cop facing trial for vehicular homicide [0] http://t.co/yLUh2dyK

Culpepper Co VA deputy charged w/assault for beating restrained detainee in incident that cost 4 others their jobs [0] http://t.co/wN9OqKg0

Hall Co GA deputy subject of suit by man alleging deputy erased audio tapes after beating & falsely arresting him [3] http://t.co/F445Aeb8

2 Texas DPS officers indicted for official oppression for allegedly mistreating 2 detained men while off duty [1] http://t.co/4OYswBbd

Boulder CO settles suit for $80k to mentally ill woman tasered thru screen door in home [0] http://t.co/5sNFMv1w

2 Powder Springs GA cops investigated after choking, beating & tasering man on dashcam when he reacted to grope [1] http://t.co/Yi8rQA8d

Gaitlinburg TN cop gets judicial diversion to clear record after probation in plea to assaulting couple at bar [0] http://t.co/RK7B2NKw

Detroit MI police are the subject of a 2nd lawsuit alleging an act of excessive force was caught on video at a local casino. This time from a man who claims he was choked & beaten with a baton without cause. [3] http://t.co/4lrhL6tO

Glouster OH settles suit for $16k to man claiming cops used excessive force when he complained about an illegal serach of his car without permission or warrant [0] http://t.co/ici3hjFv

Westfield IN cop is on leave while under investigation after a fellow officer reported him for using excessive force when he allegedly pistolwhipped an alleged shoplifter and threatened his mother with a gun. [0] http://t.co/uqDa5YDc

Berwyn IL police are being sued by man claiming cops needlessly beat, tasered & falsely arrested him during a raid on his sister’s home where he was staying. While the reasons for the raid weren’t disclosed in the filing, the charges against him were dropped afterward. [3] http://t.co/GMgAY6at

Cops, Kids and Sex
Slaton TX cop assigned to local schools has taken a plea deal for receiving child pornography after an investigation by the DHS. [0] http://t.co/lUZp6THC

3 Albuquerque NM cops investigated after accused of performing cavity searches on suspect in front of kids in public[0] http://t.co/dfaxwJQ4

Creepy cop behavior
Shelby Co OH sheriff already charged w/sexual battery now indicted on 5 counts misuse of police database [1] http://t.co/1wSJSmjO

Ottawa ON cop demoted over inappropriate relationship with domestic assault victim in case he investigated [0] http://t.co/GyUgDn8q

Fair Oaks TX cop sentenced to 2yrs prison in fed stalking case for sending explicit pics of woman to her coworkers [0] http://t.co/NDze943u

Norwich CT cop on paid leave resigns to end investigation into allegations of unspecified “improper activity” [2] http://t.co/wQRvYfPk

Fullerton CA has entered into a tentative settlement agreement in a lawsuit filed by 2 women alleging the department failed to discipline, and thus encouraged, a cop to continue sexually abusing women despite a history of 12 sexual assault complaints that were bolstered by the fact that he would violate policy by turning off his audio recorder during each alleged incident. The department only gave him a reprimand for turning off the recorder during stops involving women. [3] http://t.co/IkcZJU3r

Easton PA cop charged w/theft after resigning for stealing $375 from lost wallet then throwing wallet in dumpster [0] http://t.co/YaLVEEzg

Los Angeles CA police detective was arrested for domestic violence, false imprisonment & threats against his live-in girlfriend [0] http://t.co/8tu6Qfe2

Midland MI cop gets probation & community service in a plea deal for possessing a stolen Rent-A-Center flat screen TV [0] http://t.co/In2Lo4iV

Fort Worth TX cop fired on allegations she falsified timesheets & used patrol car as her personal vehicle [0] http://t.co/d1bdgb1u

Orlando FL cop was suspended 30 days after caught selling stolen theme park tickets, a scheme that earned him $15k a year. [0] http://t.co/4OYswBbd

Houston TX Baptist Univ police officer arrested on possession of cocaine with intent to deliver charges [0] http://t.co/tHV2on2u

Levy Co FL deputy arrested for possession & selling controlled substances after state investigation [0] http://t.co/v22tCJAk

US Border Patrol agent still on leave for attempt to smuggle 745lbs of pot arrested for possession at traffic stop [0] http://t.co/58J3T9kM

Concord CA ex-cop sentenced to 18mo prison for role in marijuana grow op, dept won’t say if he was cop at time [3] http://t.co/Pp6S79AU

Tarentum PA cop who also works for East Deer PA PD arrested on DUI charges after crashing into parked truck [0] http://t.co/riMPIP6z

Pennsylvania state liquor control officer arrested on DUI charges w/.117 BAC after crashing state-owned vehicle [0] http://t.co/TjM4z7DR

Ferndale MI police are refusing to criminally investigate a police chaplain even after he admitted to doing meth with a man who died from an overdose. [0] http://t.co/Ao2QJNeh

Stockton CA police sgt is on leave after arrested on child endangerment & drunk driving charges. [0] http://t.co/Gz1CuwGX

Winsooki VT cop gets probation in plea to DUI after found unresponsive behind wheel of his truck with a .429 BAC. As one commenter on Twitter noted, he’s lucky he’s still alive with a BAC like that. [0] http://t.co/nl1KN3Qx

Harassment /False arrest
Lee Co FL sheriff is part of a lawsuit filed by pawn brokers alleging the department encouraged a rogue deputy to continually harass pawn brokers and to falsely arrest them [3] http://t.co/VH839aRs

Weasel Cop 101
Nampa ID police sued by 2 internal affairs officers & the wife of one of the officers alleging whistleblower retaliation after they tried to report misconduct and then writing to city officials when the department refused to act. [3] http://t.co/rPdi1SOD

Domestic violence
Los Angeles CA police detective was arrested for domestic violence, false imprisonment & threats against his live-in girlfriend [0] http://t.co/8tu6Qfe2

Spokane Co WA deputy resigns & expected to take plea deal over housing fraud involving an “Officer Next Door” program that gives cops half off of houses. [0] http://t.co/e4zJowSH

This week’s cop glorification filler piece

The print media is our last hope, when they leap into bed with the cops and do their bidding, we're all screwed

Fairfax officer honored for traffic safety work

Examiner Staff Writer

Joe Moore knows Fairfax County residents spend a lot of time in traffic. (Even though like 80% of the force Moore probably doesn’t live in the county….now there’s a story)

For the past nine years, the county police officer has been trying to make them safer while on the roads, and his efforts appear to be paying off.  (Because……………………………..why? )

Moore was recently named the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police's traffic safety officer of the year. (Is this why?) And, he says, the number of traffic fatalities is going down  (Prove it) while the number of citations written is going up as cops crack down on distracted-driving offenses. (No, no, no, wrong, wrong, wrong. The cops, almost 2000 of them with a $225,000,000 budget, an air force and a navy, have nothing else to do but to prey on the real citizens of Fairfax County )

As a member of the department's motorcycle squad, Moore has led educational and enforcement initiatives in what he sees as the one of the department's most important divisions. (Wrong, Moore’s job is to sit around on his government worker ass until we need him, that’s all we want him to do…… educational and enforcement initiatives are the work of elected officials not the cops)

Traffic is "the number one complaint from citizens in this area," he said. (Cops lie. Prove it)

But the overabundance of cars on the roads also means there's plenty of unsafe behaviors, and that's what Moore is trying to curb.

He has developed distracted-driving enforcement training for fellow officers, (A dangerously broad term “distracted-driving” Cops lie) worked on county and nationwide "click it or ticket" campaigns and hit the streets to cite distracted motorists. Over the past year, he has helped lead a Fairfax police initiative that issues tickets to drivers who don't "pay full time and attention" to the road, which can include behaviors like texting, talking on the phone and eating.

"It's become so commonplace that while you're behind the wheel, that you use that time to get other stuff done," said Moore, who called distracted driving an "epidemic." (Cops lie. Prove it)