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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Creepy cop behavior. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality.

Stickney IL cop sued alleging he used police database to track down woman he ticketed & left love note on her car [3] bit.ly/yWxmJs

DeKalb Co GA police sgt fired for having sex with subordinate officer & for taking “inappropriate” pics w/dept cell [0] bit.ly/yehWlf

This week’s candidates for the Brian Sonnenberg Peaceful Resolution to Conflict Center Award. Fairfax County Police. police brutality

Lubbock Co TX Pct 3 constable accused of threatening his neighbors with a baseball bat during an alleged racist tirade in has resigned as part of a deal with the DA that will allow him to avoid charges [0] bit.ly/yWWev5

Hammond IN settles suit for undisclosed sum to man claiming 4 cops left him with brain damage after wrongfully tasering him 4x & kicking him in the head [3] bit.ly/x5M93d
 Henderson NV settles suit for $225k to man claiming cops beat & tasered him after he defended self in cop’s attack [0] bit.ly/wS3Qjl
 North Chicago IL mayor acknowledges police problems suspends chief, asks for probe into 88 brutality claims in 3yrs [0] bit.ly/xhxK3k

White trash weasel 101. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Portland OR police make changes & admit to flawed internal investigation processes as fed investigation starts [0] bit.ly/zrSZnE
Normandy MO cop resigns as arrested on allegations he submitted fraudulent car title in effort to save money [0] bit.ly/x1lIhn
Denver CO police forced by civil service commission to rehire 2 cops fired for lying about chase against orders [0] bit.ly/zQdQER
 Colorado state trooper’s credibility problems after fired for improper reports & bias sparks review of 400 cases [0] bit.ly/u4mcOE
 Turner Co GA deputy suspended after arrested on allegations he stole a flashlight from a car during traffic stop [0] bit.ly/AhLfNr

The Officer Jeffrey Hand Award for Creative Income Production. Fairfax County Police. Police Brutality

Massachusetts state trooper arrested by feds was allegedly a bookie who threatened to kill informant & his family [0] bit.ly/szRpIl

Fort Lauderdale FL cop charged w/wire fraud in alleged scheme to defraud city by padding pay while in reserves [0] thesent.nl/yFK590

Payson AZ cop fired for false report claiming motorcycle w/bad title he got from relative was deserted property [0] bit.ly/ygou6G

Run children run, its your local police. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Sandy UT police sued by grandparents of 9yr-old who suffered broken collarbone when cuffed by cop at school [3] bit.ly/zpTZGg

The officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police.Police brutality

Webster Parish LA narcotics deputy will not permitted to drive a cruiser until investigation after off-duty DUI arrest [0] bit.ly/ABlM3b

 Fayetteville AR cop arrested for agg burglary, trespassing & battery after he allegedly barged into a home, threatened a man with a knife then fired his gun into the man’s bed two times. [0] bit.ly/z2z1NC

New York State trooper charged with felony criminal mischief & misdemeanor assault for busting into another person’s home while he was drunk and attacking a man inside. [0] bit.ly/xGBdGp

Lenoir Co NC sheriff’s narcotics detective resigns before arrested on drug (hydrocodone) trafficking charges [0] bit.ly/yFF08m

 Dallas TX police officer fired after failing drug test for marijuana & failing to cooperate w/investigators [0] bit.ly/xIouGc

Manslaughter by your local police

New Orleans LA police sued by 2 women injured & family of one woman who died in crash during questionable chase [0] http://bit.ly/A7hLgU

This week’s child molestation by your local police. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

Onslow Co NC now-former deputy pleads guilty to sexually abusing a minor, pled guilty to similar charge in June [0] bit.ly/wRkLhM