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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Punk attitude and stupid as well, the Fairfax County Police in Action

Fairfax police incorrectly announced Vienna man was charged with murder in death of daughter

By Associated Press, Published: December 15

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — Fairfax County police say they incorrectly announced that a Vienna man had been charged with murder in the death of his 2-month-old daughter.
Police said Wednesday that 21-year-old Francis Reed has been charged with child abuse.
Authorities were called Saturday to a residence on Parkwood Court in Falls Church, where paramedics were trying to revive the girl with CPR. Police say she was taken to a hospital where she died on Monday.

Officer Don Gotthardt says the investigation is complicated and that there was “slight miscommunication in the vetting process for the release” on the charges. Gotthardt says Reed has never been charged with murder

hence the term, "Stupid Cop"

Tuscola Co MI deputy has been sentenced to 6mo jail for bribery and allowing a prisoner to escape. He apparently demanded sex from a female detainee in exchange for allowing her to escape. [0] bit.ly/scf8bO

Camp Rhorerer--er

The Rhorerer-er nobody know.....and nobody want to know actually

Justice for all ..............who can afford it

where officers held a noose up to the face of a black officer

•Douglas GA police launch a new probe into an incident where officers held a noose up to the face of a black officer in an incident that got one officer fired, only to be rehired later after an appeal. [0] http://bit.ly/rprSK5

an altercation

Dallas TX cop who shoved an Occupy protester off a planter which lead to an altercation and that protester’s questionable arrest has been suspended for 1 day w/o pay over the incident. [0] bit.ly/vQ1tCR

routine & widespread use of excessive force. Fairfax County Police

 •Seattle WA police have been found to have a pattern of routine & widespread use of excessive force in what is said to be a scathing US DOJ report following their pattern & practice investigation into that department. What will be interesting to see here is whether the feds will be able to enact any changes in a city where the police union is so powerful that it has blocked every effort by that city to enact any meaningful changes to date. [0] bit.ly/uNj9dX

The dead dog report by old....what's his name there, the toilet guy

Gulfport MS cop fatally shot a chained dog while serving a search warrant, this is the 2nd shooting of a chained dog this year by officers in that department. [0] bit.ly/s4SYzK

Geneva AL cop was arrested for felony killing of police dog after his K9 partner died & he buried it to cover it up. [0] bit.ly/rrtvUT
PS I did not drink from that toilet...I was bending over because I dropped my...you know? Fuck you guys.

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and now a word from this guy


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Maybe....could be, you never know

Unlike Chief Rhorerer-er, this kid know his ass from his elbow. Fairfax County Police

You can't make this shit up

Chicago Police charged with making prank Pizza calls

Government workers...further proof that the whole world should work on commission

•RCMP staff sgt faces 10 days w/o pay after admitting to having sex while on duty in a police car with his subordinate officer. [0] bit.ly/v4897C

Welcome to our newest international readers.....well, maybe not to the French, you people are weasels.

United Kingdom

Old photos of Chief Rhorerer-er-er in his wild years...yeah, that's how we'll explian this...wild years/ Fairfax County Police

Not that there is anything wrong with that....Fairfax County police

 •Marion Co WV deputy who resigned for allegedly groping a man after a night out says he was forced out for being gay. [0] bit.ly/rvWPoM

The officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police.

 •Marana AZ cop faces felony charges after arrested for drunk driving and driving on a suspended license [0] bit.ly/uf2LzA

•Gwinnett Co GA deputy resigns after arrested for driving under the influence of prescription medication in a 3-car crash in a departmental vehicle [0] bit.ly/rvYJvC

 •New Orleans LA cop was arrested on DUI hit&run charges after crashing into parked cars at 3 different locations and continuing to drive away after each crash. [0] bit.ly/vgQugQ

 •Kanabec Co MN chief deputy arrested on drunk driving charge, no details released about arrest [1] bit.ly/v4xMXF

 •Nevada Hwy Patrol sergeant was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol [1] on.rgj.com/vAKaSr

 •Seabrook MA police sgt gets probation after convicted for drunk driving & leaving the scene of multi-car accident [0] http://bit.ly/tbg5AQ

 •Kanabec Co MN chief deputy arrested on drunk driving charges after driving his car into a ditch [0] bit.ly/v7LhHd

•Richmond Co GA deputy was arrested on multiple charges after a bar fight followed by a DUI hit & skip. [0] bit.ly/sZimDY

 •St. Louis MO deputy takes a plea deal for buying heroin & chauffeuring a drug dealer around town while in uniform [0] bit.ly/u1mN5U

Run children, run Its your local police. Fairfax County Police

  Memphis TN cop was arrested on aggravated statutory rape charges involving a 14yr-old girl he allegedly sent nude pics to and had sex with. [0] bit.ly/vVI1jo
Michigan state trooper has been sentenced to 6 months in jail after offering no defense in court for fatally hitting 2 teens with his car while they were pushing a disabled moped on the side of the road. [0] http://t.co/YYR6AM5d
Allentown PA police are being sued by the mom of a 14yr-old girl allegedly tasered in the crotch by a cop while she had her hands up in surrender after grabbed from behind and thrown against a car by a cop on video, but the police claim she was fighting the cop when tasered… the video has been sealed as evidence though. [2] http://bit.ly/tO3qsd
Lauderhill FL cop is accused of being a predator with a badge by 5 women and 2 underage girls all alleging various degrees of sexual misconduct by the officer who has never been disciplined despite his history of similar complaints. [3] bit.ly/uv3SSrTexas state DPS trooper was indicted for felony continuous sexual abuse of a child, evidence tampering, and indecent conduct with a child charges involving a 14-year-old relative. [0] bit.ly/vw2iwH

Common crook

a Joplin MO cop who received a pretty impressive prize package and home fix-up from the Weather Channel to honor his actions during a tornado has resigned in the midst of an investigation into allegations he took alcohol from a store after that tornado. [2] bit.ly/rUwRKd

You can't make this shit up

Gladstone OR transgendered police sergeant who was charged with murder in the death of his/her estranged spouse allegedly offered $2,000 for a hit on her. [0] bit.ly/vw7iqT