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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Idiots at work report

Seattle WA police officer who fatally shot woodcarver resigns after review board found shooting unjustified [0] http://is.gd/m5d1GV

Everett WA settles suit for $500k to daughter of man fatally shot by cop while unarmed & boxed in inside his car [0] http://is.gd/gkTTpP

Jackson MS responsible for $500k of $23mil jury award to unarmed man shot in head by cop working security at hotel [0] http://is.gd/f9qGyn

Santa Ana CA settles suit for $600k to family of man shot to death by police under questionable circumstances [0] http://is.gd/mzAb2B

Ironton OH settles suit for unnamed sum to family of man who died when allegedly tasered after fleeing into river [1] http://is.gd/K7zXwt

Ellaville GA cop on leave while investigated by state on sexual battery allegations, cop who reported him was fired [5] http://is.gd/wYVeuc

Sea Isle City NJ settles suit for $500k to man who was 16 when he claims cops beat him then lied to justify it [3] http://is.gd/7qn2XS

St-Eustache QC police officer suspended w/o pay for slamming woman against car for parking violation at grade school [0] http://is.gd/JBekBh

Crossville AL police officer indicted on theft charge on allegations he stole laptop from car during traffic stop [0] http://is.gd/KZcaUD

Ft Lauderdale FL cop resigns in plea deal to theft charges for stalking & having sex w/woman while he was on clock [0] http://is.gd/nfZyrZ

Orleans County VT deputy charged w/neglect of duty & unlawful trespass after an illegal traffic stop & home entry [1] http://is.gd/19sKIE

California State Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement officer arrested w/private investigator on drug trafficking charges [0] http://is.gd/LFyIkE

North Carolina state trooper on administrative duty while under investigation on allegations of doctor shopping [0] http://is.gd/ZPsm0R

5 Providence RI police sergeants demoted & must repay city for scheme to get paid for time not worked [0] http://is.gd/QsA1EW

Goodyear AZ police officer who won medal of valor indicted on theft, forgery & fraud charges for overtime fraud [0] http://is.gd/OTtdDv

Thomasville NC police detective charged w/insurance fraud & obstruction, also accused of contacting witness [0] http://is.gd/sGaacp

Grand Traverse Co MI deputy sentenced to 6mo jail (probation after 45days) for attempted assault on state trooper [0] http://is.gd/3LKT6p

Broome County NY deputy sentenced to probation for official misconduct & unrelated public lewdness charges [0] http://is.gd/z4UCAx

Mount Washington KY police officer arrested on multiple charges for allegedly assaulting & threatening wife with gun [0] http://is.gd/em5xid

Shreveport LA police officer on leave after issued a misdemeanor domestic violence summons over unspecified incident [2] http://is.gd/TN7a8q

Hendersonville TN police officer suspended after arrested on domestic violence charge in unspecified incident [1] http://is.gd/Cm6EVt

Vermont state trooper suspended after arrested on domestic violence allegations stemming from 911 hang-up call [1] http://is.gd/P1hS7Z

Roswell NM police sgt fired for unspecified reasons while police detective wife demoted after domestic battery arrest [0] http://is.gd/55Lecj

Winn Parish LA sheriff’s home & office searched by state police in ongoing investigation into unspecified allegations [2] http://is.gd/8xZz0X