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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

um.....well...this...um...awkward ...where is his other hand, for God sakes?...

Chief gives four hour speech to "Those little guys who live inside my head"... graphics used

..and , like, aside from being a for-real admiral, I'm like the best dancer anywhere, ever...watch

Breaking news...Chief David Roher admits to placing his sisters on the county payroll

The Rhorer-er sisters 

According to statistics from the AMA..............

Every third idiot in this line has considered shooting himself....hope spring eternal

Fairfax County Police displays mini TV she watches in her car while on duty

Idiots at work (Fairfax County Police)

Brought to you by the Fairfax County Police…preying on the people since 1940

This week’s Child molestation incident

Holtville CA now-former cop arrested on child porn charges, images of him w/suspected minor from when he was a cop [1] http://t.co/u7L1PtAB

Edinburg TX cop gets deferred adjucation deal for official misconduct charge, tried to kiss teen at traffic stop [0] bit.ly/vIYiDG

Twin Rivers CA school police union apologized for selling t-shirts that had a picture of a jailed child that was captioned “You raise em, we cage em”. This came on the heels of outcry over the death of a suspect in police custody and allegations the department has been overstepping their authority beyond the schools they work for. [0] bit.ly/tJBGEJ


Pomona CA police are being sued by the family of a man who was apparently unarmed when he was fatally shot be police 4 months after he filed an excessive force complaint involving an incident partially caught on video where he was allegedly tasered and punched while cuffed. [3] bit.ly/vZhUse

New Orleans LA police lieutenant who cooperated w/Danziger shooting case sentenced to 4yrs for role in coverup [0] bit.ly/u6D2c4

Beating unarmed citizens and then hiding behind the law

Spokane WA cop found guilty of needlessly beating mentally ill man to death then lying to cover it up [0] bit.ly/u6zJ3V

Centreville IL police sued by man claiming cops beat him but didn’t charge him until he filed complaint 5mo later [5] http://t.co/fc6ULhPm

Brighton AL cop sued by man claiming excessive force when arrested for swearing when cop made him pick up goat dung [3] bit.ly/rLwLO8

St Paul MN settles 2 brutality suits, 1 for $10k to man beaten outside hospital & $11.5k to man beaten in his home [0] bit.ly/ugSpbk

Buena Park CA brutality suit was settled for $100k to a man claiming he was beaten & tasered for giving a cop a “man hug”. The report previously cited the settlement sum as unspecified. bit.ly/vfHg7n

Dolton IL cop was arrested on civil rights & obstruction charges for allegedly beating 2 people. He then allegedly threatened the police chief with bodily harm for cooperating with the federal investigation into the incident. [0] bit.ly/tmrAiV

4 Houston TX cops are under investigation as a man plans to file a lawsuit claiming he was beaten by the officers after stopped by police while riding his bicycle late at night. [3] bit.ly/rEJzdW

Burns Harbor PA police lost an excessive force suit but only had to pay $2000 to a man claiming an officer injured him when he yanked him from his car and kneeled on him after he was in a crash caused by his low blood sugar, which the officer mistook for drunk driving. [0] bit.ly/t3mMdN

Largo FL plans to settle suit for $65k to a woman claiming a MADD award-winning cop arrested her on a false DUI charge then broke her ribs when he slammed her into a wall. The DUI charges were dropped, probably in part due to evidence her lawyers say includes a video from another DUI stop earlier that same evening where that officer tells another officer “I didn’t smell any alcohol, but just say I did.” The officer in question no longer works there though… He moved on to the Tampa FL PD. [3] bit.ly/t2KIs7

Creepy Cop behavior..its not mistake this type of person ends up in that type of work

Lorain OH police forced by arbitrator to rehire cop fired for using police resourses to track dispatcher he liked [0] bit.ly/v5hdyc

Delaware Co OK settles suit for $13.5mil to 15 women claiming sheriff responsible for sexual assaults by jail staff [1] http://bit.ly/rUHq9Y

Northern Illinois Univ IL police officer fired and charged w/criminal sexual assault of a female student [1] http://t.co/SchOi4yM

Torrance CA rsv cop sentenced to 3yrs in plea to charges for drugging, raping… then completely shaving his drinking buddy [0] bit.ly/uZs6Ig

Univ North Carolina NC settles suit for $100k to woman sexually harassed & groped by now-convicted asst police chief[0] bit.ly/sj4LCo

Nassau Co NY cop resigns after pleading guilty to official misconduct, forced woman to grope him at traffic stop [0] http://t.co/zIJuYOUa

Caledonia MN police chief was suspended for 2 weeks w/o pay for unspecified misconduct and officials refuse to discuss why. [4] bit.ly/s4Smir


Louisiana state trooper was arrested on a rape charge after an investigation into an alleged incident that occurred while he was on sick leave. [0] tnsne.ws/vdDxz0

Cops and Kids…..Children, the policeman IS NOT your friend

 Hudson WI settles suit for $210k to kid attacked by police dog as he was escaping from shooting/hostage situation [0] bit.ly/vIA9SA

Cops are terrified of evidence…ironic isn’t it?

Boston MA police sued by man claiming cops beat & arrested him on wiretap charge for recording mistreatment of pal [5] bit.ly/rEFar1

2 Palm Beach Co FL deputies arrest man on questionable charge for recording his traffic stop w/o their permission [3] sunsent.nl/uniU2Z

Common thief

St Charles Parish LA deputy arrested for allegedly writing fake tickets to people never stopped to get overtime pay [0] bit.ly/svz6qG

Boulder CO cop arrested on allegations he was selling military assault rifle silencers he stole from Nat Guard [0] bit.ly/v6Qtr0

Sumter SC cop charged w/breach of trust over theft allegations, claims it’s retaliation for incident w/supervisor [0] bit.ly/tedbhD

Citronelle AL cop was convicted possession of stolen goods for stealing firearms he confiscated from motorists during traffic stops. [0] bit.ly/unCAg2

Cops and animals…..just…just weird

Henrico Co VA cop fined & given suspended sentence after found guilty of petty larceny for stealing pet labrador [0] bit.ly/vAYOjD

Planting evidence

New York NY police detective was convicted for planting drugs in order to arrest innocent people to meet his quotas. The judge in the case expressed his shock about just how pervasive this activity is within that department’s “cowboy culture”. [3] nydn.us/uWqxcc


McIntosh Co GA sheriff was indicted on an obstruction charge and 2 of his deputies were indicted for illegally removing files from the sheriff’s dept [0] bit.ly/snXoCc


Seattle WA police are being criticized for refusing to reveal whether a police detective who crashed his unmarked police SUV into a car while he was allegedly drunk was on duty at the time or not. [4] bit.ly/tZ4on0

Ohio state trooper involved in 2008 MLK Day KKK prank cited for DUI while off duty, tried to claim he wasn’t driver [0] http://bit.ly/ufsGPd


Canton MO police chief was sentenced to 5mo house arrest & probation for lying when he filled out paperwork to buy a gun that he then gave to a known felon. [0] bit.ly/smADah

Bethlehem PA cop fired for sparking a manhunt for an imaginary shooter after he lied about discharging his gun in a police HQ bathroom, the officer filed suit in response. [0] bit.ly/twmUAJ

Leland NC cop relieved of duties after state audit blasts department for lack of proper records for all officers [3] bit.ly/rHLVsh


Philadelphia PA judge threw out evidence in a politician’s DUI case after one cop changed his testimony and another testified that only 1/2 of the people he’s arrested for DUI ended up being drunk. [0] bit.ly/rpKHC1

FBI agent convicted for making false statements in an effort to help an informant that he had sex with avoid conviction on identity theft charges. [0] bit.ly/v4dNTX