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"I don't like this book because it don't got know pictures" Chief Rhorerer

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

"so I kept hitting him with my night stick and all this comes out, it was like really cool"

and now a word from generic asian guy

ha ha! Rook at sign, rape is big funny number one

and now, a moment with Chief Rhorererer

"I tried acting for a while but it didn't pan out, then art...and well, that didn't work either"

Klan night at the Rhorererer house

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This hair is ma sister and my daughte rin law, Elvira and ma son and my son in law, Doggie 

Hey kids! Its mister pear head!


I did NOT drink from that toilet ...ok maybe a little bit but.....

This week’s candidates for the Brian Sonnenberg Peaceful Resolution to Conflict Center Award. Fairfax County Police. police brutality

•Janesville WI police chief gets deferred prosecution deal dropping charges for punching cop & resisting arrest during a domestic dispute. [0] bit.ly/zpkB5I

The Fairfax County Police Officer Jeffrey Hand Award for Creative Income Production. Fairfax County Police. Police Brutality

•Chicago IL police board releases details on 6 officers fired in the last 4 months over cases ranging from 2-8 years old. [1] http://bit.ly/ycg4jb

 •Carlsbad CA cop suspended and arrested on suspicion of 2nd degree burglary, officials refuse to give details [2] bit.ly/yAnrDa

 •Brooks Co TX sheriff, now at Falfurrias PD, investigated for questionable use of over $500k in forfeiture funds [0] bit.ly/zQzqcN

•2 Tulsa OK cops fired after beating corruption charges in case where judge said they should have been convicted [0] bit.ly/xHWlHP

•Savannah-Chatham GA cop pleads guilty to extorting drugs and a cellphone while working security at a nightclub [0] bit.ly/yV6Kli

The Fairfax County Police officer Walter R. Fasci/ Sean McGlone award for sober living. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

•Dallas TX cop arrested on drunk driving charges after off-duty single car accident at intersection [0] cbsloc.al/xTCTGF

Soddy Daisy TN cop arrested on drunk driving and possession of a firearm while intoxicated charges [0] bit.ly/AvPKqE

Creepy Cop Behavior. Fairfax County Police. Police brutality

RCMP to be subject of class action lawsuit on behalf of 94 female officers alleging sexual harassment and abuse [3] bit.ly/zArCzO

.......and so, unable to find any other type of work, the government hired them

Louisville KY cop under investigation after hitting pedestrian w/cruiser, police say pedestrian did nothing wrong [0] bit.ly/xAUJp2
 Sandusky OH police officer sued for injuring family in his 4th traffic accident in the last 4 years [0] bit.ly/x2j3il

 Sylvester GA cop injured along w/other motorist after falling asleep at wheel and crashing into oncoming car [0] bit.ly/xEhbD1

New Jersey port authority police officer charged w/DUI & vehicular assault after hitting 17yr-old skateboarder [0] bit.ly/z3H9Kc

Dallas TX police say emergency lights & siren are not required while speeding after a cop fatally strikes a pedestrian in crosswalk. [1] bit.ly/AiP3gM

 •Shreveport LA cop suspended while under investigation over unspecified allegations of policy violations [3] bit.ly/zzuGdH
CA acting police chief placed on leave while subject of unspecified misconduct investigation [2] bit.ly/w88lm3

•Hudson TX police chief resigns after suspended 30 days while subject of unspecified criminal investigation [2] bit.ly/wE5xOw

Murder by your local police

Austin TX police allegedly kept a citizens panel ruling that a fatal shooting incident by a cop violated policy a secret while they continued to justify that shooting. The chief responded to the release by vowing to punish the person who released the info. [4] bit.ly/xifuzx