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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

An Florida Atlantic University FL

An Florida Atlantic University FL police officer has been arrested on an attempted murder charge after he admitted to shooting a female escort multiple times in an apparent dispute over payment for sex after he had contacted her via an internet advertisement. The shooting left the woman in serious condition and she will likely be paralyzed, according to doctors. [0]

Two Carver County MN deputies are the subject of a lawsuit alleging they illegally entered a woman’s home while she was baking cookies with her 4-year-old granddaughter then used excessive force when they arrested her on false obstruction charges when she requested that they leave when they asked to search the home after a neighbor called 911 about a verbal dispute in her driveway between her daughter and her husband that she wasn’t even aware of. The charges were later dropped against the woman. [3]

A Yonkers NY police officer was indicted on multiple charges including assault, official misconduct, and filing false reports on allegations that he went into a bar while on duty in response to a call from his brother and he attacked two people there, arresting one of them on false charges in order to cover up for the assault. His partner, who was with him that night, is also the subject of an internal investigation regarding that incident. [0]

Honolulu HI has settled a lawsuit for $240,000 to a US Army veteran who was detained by a SWAT team and held on a mental health hold all because a police officer thought he might be a terrorist because of his middle-eastern heritage. [0]

A New York NY narcotics officer has been convicted of conspiring with his narcotics team to steal drugs from suspects and use them to pay off informants. He’s the second officer to be convicted in association with the alleged conspiracy so far. [0]

A Brookshire TX police officer has been fired and arrested on official misconduct and theft of a person charges after he was caught in a sting operation stealing money from an undercover FBI informant posing as a motorist during a traffic stop. The sting was performed after police received complaints about thefts by the officer. [1]

A Pennsylvania State trooper was convicted of obstruction for coercing a DA to drop molestation charges against his girlfriend. [0]

Six Glendale CA police officers are on paid leave while under investigation over at least four different incidents but the police chief and officials are refusing to elaborate as to what the allegations against the officers might be. [4]

An Inkster MI police lieutenant was awarded $700,000 by a jury that found the police chief had racially discriminated against him and retaliated against him over his testimony in another discrimination lawsuit by transferring him afterward. [0]

Pinellas Park FL police officer has been charged with official misconduct after resigning during an investigation over drugs and a gun that were missing from evidence in cases that he was involved in. [0]

A Texas State trooper has pled guilty to delivery of controlled substance charges after he was caught selling $800 worth of illegal steroids to an undercover officer in a sting operation. [0]

A Mobile AL police officer has retired while he was the subject of an internal investigation over allegations that he was caught shoplifting at a WalMart, even though he was never charged. [1]

A Proctor MN deputy police chief who also serves as a councilman has been sentenced to probation on drug charges and a related firearm charge that he pled guilty to. The judge in this case expressed doubts about the man’s story that he merely misplaced evidence, saying if a suspect he arrested gave him the same story that he wouldn’t have bought it either, but gave him the suggested sentence anyway. [0]

A Hackensack NJ police officer has been suspended for 75 days for driving her police cruiser with a suspended license and for personal use of a departmental computer while on-duty. [0]

And finally, a New Haven CT police officer has been suspended with pay after the police chief found out that he had already been convicted on a DUI charge and sentenced to 10 days in jail after he was already in jail. The officer was arrested on that charge after he had called in sick that day, which led to a disciplinary suspension before that. [1]

An Ely MN police officer

An Ely MN police officer has been charged with malicious punishment of a child on allegations that he shoved his 6-year-old daughter into a wall then slapped her across the face.

A Martin County NC deputy

A Martin County NC deputy was arrested on assault charges for allegedly punching his girlfriend in the face, knocking her two front teeth loose in the process. Oddly, he was arrested by officers he used to work with at a different police department.