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“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”
“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Again.....how hard was that?

The debate is whether or not we should allow the cops to keep information taken from license plates by squad cars to create a data base of license plates and their locations. The cops use of a license-plate readers (LPRs), which allow them to scan and register thousands of license plates in a matter of hours.

Yes, the same high school graduate cops who can’t figure out when a guy has a gun in his hand are in the business of mass surveillance technology. Scary huh?

The issue is a debate for two reasons.

One reason is the remarkably underhanded, secretive and arrogant behavior of the Fairfax County Police in dealing with their nasty little habit of murdering unarmed citizens, shooting bookies they gamble with, framing innocent school teachers and running over young women because their too dumb to turn on their sirens while speeding through rain soaked streets.  

The other reason is that once again the cops have failed to explain themselves to the public. And considering the rapidly declining reputation of the Fairfax County Police, their supercilious silence is just plain stupid.

Anyway it’s all a moot point. The cops aren’t going to give this up without a fight because it’s not about a license plate, it’s about power.

When the cops started recording your plate and your location data they did it without any intention….ever… of relinquishing that power. It’s against human nature to ever surrender power even more so in cop-think because the very reason people join the police is to feed their need for power and compensate for their deep sense of inferiority. Power serves that purpose for them and they take it where they can get it and their damn well not going to ask you for permission first.

It is fear that corrupts, not power and the fear of the loss of power is very big deal in the minds of the type of fear filled people who become cops. So even after the courts order the cops to stop recording and storing this sort of information, they’ll keep doing it anyway. They’ll either secretly disobey the law or get around the law on a technicality.

So, aside from empowering themselves, why does the Fairfax County Occupation Force need to track license plates of private citizens?

According to the Washington Post the cops need to gather the date to track stolen cars, find missing person and in some circumstances to locate tax dodgers. All good reasons.

See? Explained in two sentences. How hard was that?

The State Motor Vehicle Office already has all that license plate information anyway and they don’t abuse but that’s largely because their lazy. If you think I’m wrong, go to your local Motor Vehicle Office for something and then get back to me.

Almost everyone …from the cops to the ACLU….agrees that the plate storage files should be destroyed after a specific period of time, which needs to be determined

But this is an issue mostly due to cop’s failure…once again…. to communicate because of their  insular arrogance and their “Us versus them” mentality that keeps the cops from explaining anything to the public.

All they would have to say is “We’re collecting the plates as a legitimate means of law enforcement. Here are the reason we would use the information, if in fact, we ever used it at all.  We’re going to destroy the information we collect after a year”

Again…how hard was that?